Friday, March 23, 2012

Organizing switcharoo

We have a lot of bad habits here. There are almost always dishes in the sink because we don't load the dishwasher right after meals and there are always socks everywhere. Don't even get me started on how the boys (all three of them) move the living room furniture out of place all the time. One of our bad habits is this.

Throwing bags (and other stuff) into the bottom of the pantry. I should call it the kitchen closet; pantry implies food storage and the only food that's ever been in here was for the dogs. Also, do you notice the old kitchen carpet in there? I still need to replace that with tile. But anyway.

Usually little organization projects like this one happen when the unfinished state of the house has been driving me crazy and I need something quick to soothe me. Cleaning the master bedroom and the nursery didn't do the job today, so I moved on to the kitchen. At first I thought I would just clean up all the plastic bags. Then, as it usually happens, I decided that the vacuum would make more sense in the pantry than in the coat closet. Then I could move the unused shoe tray from the entry to the closet where it would actually serve its purpose. No one takes their shoes off down there and I don't blame them; more than one person can't even fit in the entry with the door open and two people are a stretch with the door closed.

Anyway, here's the coat closet before.

Not too bad, just a little messy.

I didn't do much except take out all the stuff that didn't belong (Fix-a-Flat and belt dressing go in the garage, not the kitchen) and all the trash (there were five phone books in the pantry and we have not used a phone book since moving in), then rearrange what was left. After about half an hour I had this.

I'm going to have to do something with those bags. I kept them all because we use them for cat litter, dirty diapers, small trash can liners and when we shop at Aldi, so I know we'll use them all. But I think some need to go in the basement or something.

The coat closet took a lot less time.

I didn't vacuum because Baby Girl was sleeping, but I'll get that done sometime this weekend. It's so much easier to close both closet doors now. Maybe that will encourage my children to actually close the doors. But probably not.

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