Saturday, March 3, 2012

Organizing while the baby naps

I used to have a much longer attention span. As a child I could sit in one place and read for an entire day. Before I had children I could start a project--sewing, painting, whatever--and finish it in one sitting. That hasn't happened for a long time. I guess my brain got so used to being interrupted that it felt it best to shorten my attention span proportionately. So now I can sit and do something for approximately 3.7 minutes before I get itchy and want to go do something else. Now that I have a newborn, getting involved in a long project is even less likely to happen. (Babies are so demanding. Why don't they pull themselves up by the bootstraps and learn to do things for themselves?) Good thing for me that these organization projects were all short enough to do while Baby Girl was taking a nap and in one attention span cycle.

First up, a cupboard organized while I made dinner last night. We are lazy people. Combine that with a lower cupboard with lots of big stuff in it and pans that have ended up in haphazard stacks and you get this.

Not the piles of papers and random junk (although I will deal with that soon), the stack of pans. Yes, why bend down to put stuff away (more like sit on the floor and pull out half the stuff in the cupboard if you're really going to do it right) when you can just pile it on the counter? My brilliant plan was simply to put the pans in the upper cupboard. Which, of course, looked like this:

My favorite thing that doesn't belong is the sticker paper.

By the time my tuna casserole was ready to go into the oven, I had it looking like this:

Looks like we need more snacks. Now I'll just have to convince Yaya to put the pans where they belong--we're still arguing over the new location of the Tupperware and I moved that at least three months ago. Oh, and the pizza pans had to stay in the lower cabinet, but now that there's an empty shelf in there they're easy to shove in without really looking.

Today we bought a new silverware organizer. It took approximately a minute and a half for the drawer to go from this:

To this:

I have been dealing with this mess by my side of the bed since we moved in. And yes, that is our boxspring just sitting on the floor. I thought our old bed was too big for the room and my mom wanted to take it for her guest room, so she was going to buy us a frame. We haven't gotten it done in the past year and a half. It's on the to do list.

I used a vaguely misremembered post from Young House Love to come up with this method of placing the screws. Hold scrap paper up to the back of the six strip, color over the mounting holes, tape paper to wall, poke screws through paper to mark wall. Easy peasy.

I ended up with this:

Ignore where I need to touch up paint. And my unmade bed.

These are my favorite kind of organizing projects. Someday soon I need to do one of my least favorite kind, which is closets. All of them (except the boys' closet, which I just organized a few months ago) are due to be emptied and reorganized. Definitely not a project that can be completed during one Baby Girl nap.

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  1. arent you supposed to be sleeping when baby is napping!!