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The big giant to do list revisited

Before I begin, I have to say that I hate the new Blogger format with a passion. It keeps jacking up my HTML and a post that should have taken maybe half an hour to write took close to two. I am not in the mood, Blogger.

So. Anyway. I've been in a bit of a funk lately, whining a lot about how I haven't accomplished anything major in a year. Granted, I have a good excuse named (for the purposes of this blog) Baby Girl, but that doesn't stop me from complaining. So I thought I'd revisit the big giant to do list and see if it has, in fact, gone down. Good news: it has, but not because I've accomplished a ton of stuff. In the last to do list post, stuff that was in red was in progress and stuff that was crossed out was done. Now stuff that's in green has been taken off the list altogether (although it's still here to illustrate how much plans have changed) and stuff that's yellow has been added or changed.

Exterior (including front yard)
1. paint the house a gray-blue
2. paint the shutters dark charcoal or dark navy blue
3. make a “no soliciting” sign
4. hang the new front door
5. add shutters to lower level windows?
6. do stacked stone around front door to make entry stand out
7. beef up the column to the right of the driveway
8. add a half column against the house at the edge of the concrete entry pad
9. add a screened porch where the deck off the back door is
10. cut down bushes in front
11. add a pathway next to the driveway
12. make a small hanging sign with address numbers to hang at the front of the garage?
13. add flowers in pink rock bed next to front door
14. add impatiens bed around maple tree
15. edge impatiens bed with stone
16. give shutters a fresh coat of white paint

1. paint walls and trim
2. replace railing with wood—white spindles, gunstock-stained handrail (maybe)
3. faux paint stair treads to look like wood
4. paint stair risers white
5. faux paint entry floor to look like tile
6. eventually replace faux painted floor with actual tile eventually replace faux painted floor with grouted vinyl tile
7. faux paint floor at bottom of the stairs
8. make electric candle sconces to hang next to mirror
9. install some type of flooring (maybe laminate) at bottom of stairs

Living Room
1. paint walls and trim
2. build half wall (floor to ceiling) to take place of half of the railing
3. make wall unit out of plumbing parts and old boards with X-pattern on the sides, maybe baker's rack or hutch/buffet style
4. make two bolster pillows for either end of sofa
5. make four throw pillows for the sofa—felt ruffled pillow, embroidered linen pillow and ??
6. hang gallery wall
7. large area rug
8. paint door frame between living room and kitchen pink
9. hang floating shelves
10. paint armchair pink
11. make chair cover for pink armchair
12. make chair cover for bentwood chair
13. make one throw pillow for each side chair
14. spray paint garage sale lamps for console
15. find a side table and paint green
16. reupholster armchairs

Kitchen/Dining Room
1. paint walls and trim
2. paint cabinets(They're actually going to get repainted, but I won't add that for now.)
3. find something to hold the microwave
4. paint rug for under the table
5. paint two chairs red
6. replace carpet with sticky tile
7. replace sticky tile with ceramic tile
8. replace chairs with fully upholstered chairs—upholster with fabric covered with vinyl?
9. replace current cabinets with cabinets that go to the ceiling, with Shaker-style inset doors
10. replace sink and faucet
11. replace countertops
12. install under cabinet lighting
13. install two new ceiling fans
14. take out cabinets near door and built floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinet
15. take out shelves at end of peninsula
16. add molding/trim to cabinets

1. tear out linen closet, kitchen pantry, and bathroom closet; add powder room where linen closet and pantry currently are or make main bathroom larger
2. make a door opening from bathroom to our room and close up current opening
3. move bathtub plumbing so it's against the exterior (build a small “bump out” to hold plumbing so it's not actually against an exterior wall)
4. build smaller vanity and top with antique butcher block and white ceramic vessel sink
5. retile shower with 4x4 white tile in running bond pattern, edged with white subway tiles
6. replace shower doors with curtain
7. build small storage closet that looks like an antique cabinet; paint blue or turquoise
8. make terrycloth bath mat
9. paint walls dark brown (Also going to be repainted, but also going to be left as is on the list for now.)
10. replace floor
11. paint vanity

1. paint artwork for end of hall
2. paint walls and trim
3. hang globe light fixture
4. frame and mat antique postcards with typed transcriptions underneath; gold frames, navy blue mats

Master Bedroom
1. paint walls and trim
2. make new curtains
3. make new curtain rods
4. hang new curtain rods
5. hang shades—painted roller shades, maybe
6. find a table for B's side of the bed
7. make a ladder from bamboo, stand in corner behind peacock chair and hang antique linens over it
8. find artwork to hang over dresser
9. make Instructables Moresque hanging lamps for either side of the bed
10. make tall upholstered button-tufted headboard with grass green cotton duck from Hancock
11. repair Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt
12. make pillowcases with crochet trim
13. make pillow shams
14. make one or two throw pillows
15. small rug for main part of the room?
16. change closet doors to either bifold doors or doors that open out into the room instead of sliding doors

Yaya's Room/Toy Room
1. paint walls and trim
2. do paintings of Batman heroes and villains
3. find a second lamp or buy a new set of matching lamps
4. refinish dresser top, repaint dresser bottom
5. get new pulls for dresser
6. find a rug—painted berber?
7. nightstand—something wood-toned, possibly floating?
8. move desk out or get smaller corner desk
9. buy or build a bookcase
10. put up shelving—the only placement I'm sure of is one shelf low to the floor, maybe 12-18” from the floor
11. build play kitchen
12. make new curtains
13. make activity board for Mr. Man
14. install flooring, maybe laminate

Mr. Man's Room (formerly the boys' room)
1. paint walls and trim
2. cover window
3. build cornice from foam core, cover with green fabric from Hobby Lobby
4. hang faux Roman shade, made from white fabric
5. make a few Amish puzzle balls in different sizes
6. make two floor cushions from Living With Punks
7. make weighted blanket
8. have him paint three abstract canvases and hang
9. hang Japanese paper lanterns from the ceiling?
10. change closet doors to either bifold doors or doors that open out into the room instead of sliding doors

1. paint floorcloth for under cutting table
2. build wall to separate studio from rest of basement
3. paint walls pale pink
4. reuse baseboard from upstairs
5. figure some configuration of furniture using Ana White's Modular Office Collection
6. put up wallboard on studded wall

1. add screened porch (three season porch)
2. tear up cement patio
3. lay patio of pavers alternated with squares of grass in a checkerboard pattern?
4. remove landscaping timbers
5. put square lattice with access door around bottom of deck
6. move perennials around
7. rabbit-proof garden bed

Whole House/Multiple Rooms:
1. replace windows
2. replace baseboard with something more substantial
3. add crown molding
4. replace doors with five panel doors
5. replace all light switches, outlets and switch/outlet covers with white
6. replace all doorknobs with ORB or other matching knobs
7. repaint all hinges and strike plates to match new knobs
8. restore windows
9. repaint all trim

There are definitely changes. A total of sixty-seven items on the list. Eight more projects completed, six new projects started, forty removed from the list and eleven added. That last number is way too low, by the way, but most of those things are basically offshoots of things listed on here. I could go into a lot more detail about the landscaping, but "move perennials around" says it well enough for me. My goal is to make a serious dent in the list this summer; wish me luck.

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