Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I've been on the hunt for fully upholstered chairs with clean lines for months now. Maybe years. Then, this weekend, I finally found them, for the low low price of $13 each. I love the thrift store.

Lovely pattern.

Needless to say, those skirts came off about ten minutes after we got home. Oh, and they do have their own seat and back cushions but they are being washed. These are the cushions from the other chairs. The frames have joined my growing collection of furniture in the basement.

Now I have to decide how to reupholster them, which is where the blog title comes from. Decorno posted this a few days ago. I had been considering doing a different pattern on the fronts and backs of the chairs, but that sealed it. Now I just have to decide what the different patterns should be. I was thinking a solid off-white color for the main body (maybe dropcloths--we had a dropcloth upholstered couch a few years ago and it was super soft and comfortable) with navy welting. It will be Scotchguarded, of course. I want a fabric for the back that I'll love forever, or at least for a few years, but is also fun and interesting. I'm torn between a geometric or a more fun floral or scenic fabric. I'm liking the third and fourth pictures in that link. Any other fabric suggestions for me?

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