Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Happy day after Easter! Who else has eaten candy as a meal today? It's not just me, right? (Actually, it was candy and cake. I'm big on nutrition.)

So yesterday, we went to my parents's house as we do every year. Before we left we managed to take the annual Easter picture. I took 83 pictures and this was the best one.

By some miracle I finished Baby Girl's Easter outfit the night before Easter.

I love those shorts. After pictures were done we loaded up with one relatively calm baby

And two pouty children.

By the way, who is this person? This is not my seven-year-old child. This kid looks twelve. I do not approve.

After filling forty plastic eggs, we had an Easter egg hunt. Here's Yaya stealing an egg from Mr. Man.

Hammy helped.

I made sure Baby Girl got an egg. Probably should have picked one that wasn't so close to her skin tone, but I was lucky to find one at all.

After the egg hunt and dinner, the boys went outside to play and blow bubbles. Mr. Man pushed Yaya on the tire swing.

B, my sister and I moved some furniture while my dad held Baby Girl and got covered with dogs. This is one quarter of their dogs. They keep trying to get fewer dogs, but somehow they end up with more.

It was a pretty fun time, plus I have holiday food leftovers--my favorite.

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  1. looks like you guys had a great easter! love the pix of the boys playing outside!