Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Living room progress

I was going to wait and post this when the living room was completely finished, but who knows when that will be. So I decided to show it as it is now, with my latest improvement: new curtains. I've had the flat curtain panels done for literally months but was just procrastinating the pinch pleats, mostly because I couldn't seem to make the math work out. Then I discovered the awesomeness of drapery pins and had the new curtains hung the next day. Before I show you, let's do a little living room retrospective.

July 2010, when we first moved in.

September 2010.

July 2011, the one year anniversary house tour.

September 2011. Apparently until now I only took pictures of the living room in July and September.

And now, February 2012.

Some other angles.

There's still lots to do. The silver lamp needs to be repainted and have its shade recovered, the bench (which I'm not sure is staying) needs to be repainted or stripped to bare wood. Artwork needs to be hung above the bookcase and desk. The desk may need to be painted, I haven't decided yet. The lamps on the console table need to be painted. We're putting down laminate this summer, and after that we'll need an area rug. I have a few other throw pillows planned, the side chairs need to be recovered and I'd like to find another light-colored throw. Oh, and the window trim needs to be painted. I always forget that one. It's a long list, but I finally feel like the end is in sight.


  1. It doesn't look "unfinished" to me at all! Also? I love that round green table - so happy!!

  2. green side table love it, blue bench love it, those old cameras love love it! and the blue on the walls really changes it up

  3. I agree - love the bench/coffee table!