Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby Girl's first trip to the zoo

When the boys were babies, they didn't get to go to the zoo until they were six months old because they were both born in September. By the time it was safe to take them outside it was March. Baby Girl doesn't have that problem, though, so she got to go at three months old. You can imagine how thrilled she was with everything.

In the parking lot, excited to go in. Or excited to be sitting up; that's her new thing.

Trying to get a good picture on the gorilla statue, but the sun pretty much killed that idea. This is the best one.

I did a little better with the boys, though.

I felt sorry for this gorilla. He looks dead inside.

Family portrait! Well, kid portrait.

Mr. Man spent most of the trip like this.

He spends a lot of time like that these days.

Today is the last day of school, so hopefully that means I'll remember to blog more often, if only about how crazy I'm being driven.

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