Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A late before

Earlier this month we looked at a house to buy. We looked at it and we liked it, but unfortunately it went off the market just a few days later. As of now there's nothing else out there we're interested in, but we're still trying to get the big projects around here done. The two biggest ones were painting the kitchen cabinets and laying laminate in the living room.

This is actually a relatively tame before from the kitchen. This is from a few weeks ago (hence the post title) and it got worse before it got better. The uppers are basically finished but I'm still working on the lowers. And I have no idea why this photo quality is so crappy all of a sudden.

I don't really have any before or progress pictures of the living room (more on that in a minute) but I would just like to address the carpet layers of the world. I have no idea if the previous owners contracted this out or did it themselves, so this is directed at amateurs and professionals alike.

This is over a dozen staples in about an eighteen inch span. This is not necessary. I know you don't want that pad to go anywhere, but seriously, it's not a living thing. You don't need to pin it in place like it's actively trying to escape. (Also, note the "water" damage. That was the best looking area of the floor; there were places it was much, much worse. Gee, do you think the previous owners had pets?)

And now about the laminate. I decided not to remove all the trim, partially because I'm lazy and that sounded like a giant pain, but mostly because since the living room is open to the kitchen that would mean I'd have to remove all the kitchen trim and adjust the height, except that would mean a big ugly gap since I'm not laying new floor in the kitchen. Or I'd have to do some sort of angling on the archway trim, which I can't imagine would look good. Not at my hands, anyway. So I made the decision to go with quarter round, and yes, I'll have to figure out a way to end that at the doorway too. Except I realized today that the walls of this house are not even. Far from it. I mean, I knew they weren't even when the edges of the laminate I laid in the living room looked like stair steps at certain points (don't even ask to see the laminate around the floor vent where I stupidly cut straight lines), but it just didn't click that they would be that uneven all over. Along the long wall that goes from the living room down the hall, the gap set at 1/4" at one end varies from 1/2" to 1" at the other. I have no idea how I'm going to cover up a 1" gap with quarter round. I bet it'll be super fun, though.

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