Saturday, May 12, 2012

This is my vow

I will never again install laminate. I may pay someone else to install it (not likely; I would probably only pay someone to install hardwood or ceramic tile) but never again will I do it. I would say one out of every five boards is warped, it doesn't go together well even when it's not warped and I've sliced two of my fingers open somehow. I'm writing this post because I'm taking a calm-down break after installing yet another warped board and not realizing it until the next board is in. It doesn't help that I found out last night that the house we were looking at is off the market (although it does make me feel less guilty about not moving very fast) and having things out of place drives me crazy. I'm about a third done with the laminate, so we can almost start moving furniture back into place.

Also, I'd like to apologize for the lack of posting. The card reader on my brand new laptop is not working so in order to get pictures off the camera I have to put them on B's computer, move them to the portable hard drive and then copy them back to my computer. B usually takes the portable hard drive to work and I forget by the time he gets home. So...yeah. Here's a picture I've already gotten transferred to my computer to make this post better.

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