Friday, May 4, 2012

To buy or not to buy

Ha ha, funny title when we all know we're (I'm) totally going to try and get this house. Who wants to see pictures? Most of these are crappy because B took them and instead of, you know, framing the shot he just held down the shutter button and walked around. As you do. He took literally 800 pictures but managed not to get any picture of one entire room or any pictures of the things that made me hesitate about the house. That would be lots of drywall seams that need to be redone and some water damage on two ceilings.

Fireplace wall in the family room.

Look! A foyer! (And a kid.)

A blurry picture of the back/side yard. This house is on a little over half an acre, which is a big part of what drew us to this property.

This is the front door, but in keeping with us buying properties with oddly designed entries, this isn't the side of the house that faces the street.

This is what you see when you pull up. No need to worry about too much curb appeal here.

And of course the house is a foreclosure--that's the only way we can afford it--so we'd have to deal with the bank. It makes me nervous trying to buy a house without being able to include the contingency that we also sell our house, but at least we can include the contingency that we find a house on any sales contract for our house. Now I just have to finish up all my projects--the list is a lot more manageable than it was when I first made it (partially because I've finished some stuff and partially because I erased a good 50 items) and I hope to be finished by next weekend. So what do you think? This is honestly a house I could see us being in forever. We'd need to build a fence ASAP, and of course there's tons of interior work, but besides the aforementioned drywall seams and the paint in three of the bedrooms there's nothing that I'd have to deal with right this second. The carpet has some stains, but my mom owns a Rug Doctor so we might be able to take care of that. What do you think? Would you jump at the opportunity or run far, far away?


  1. I LOVE that fire place!!! I don't know what to tell you, though. Good luck!

  2. looks like a great place, you guys will make the right choice! good luck