Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another room change

When I was pregnant with Baby Girl, we decided to bunk the boys together to make room for her nursery. That worked for a little while, but it quickly started not working in pretty much the same way that it didn't work the last time they shared rooms--Mr. Man is a little, shall we say, rambunctious.

So we moved Yaya to the toy room. This had been something we discussed and something he said he wanted to do, although I had my doubts. Sure enough, we soon found him sleeping on the couch at night because he was scared of "zombies and orcs." Other excuses: the furnace sounds like a zombie, the toilet flushing sounds like a viper, and of course the all-encompassing "creepy sounds."

Then, in a flash of what I like to think is brilliance, I came up with the idea of B and I moving downstairs. I've never liked the idea of being on a different floor than the kids, but the boys will come and get us if they need anything and Baby Girl doesn't even sleep in her room yet. For her we have baby monitors. Yaya moved into our old room, which is now his room and the toy room. I think we need to get a lock for his closet or something; Mr. Man likes to go in and steal his clothes to wear them.

I'll do pictures of the kid rooms another day, but now you get to see pictures of our new room. B switched stuff around a while ago, but it hasn't been decent enough to post about. It's still not, really, but it could be years before it is. So here we go.

This is from the door. One good thing about this room is that it's pretty much twice the size of our other room. In fact, it is the size of Mr. Man's room and Baby Girl's room put together (exactly the same size, since it's underneath them one floor down).

My sewing area. Yes, I have a sewing room. I brought the sewing machine up to our room when it was still upstairs because I never got down into the sewing room. I still don't, and B has basically torn it apart in looking for various things (thanks, dear) so now it needs an all day cleaning before I can use it again. The stuff thrown on top is either mending, fabric or clothing that will be used to make other clothing. Say hi to Poppy and our yucky painted cement floor.

The corner by the door.

Nice empty wall. I like having a little seating area over there, although in my house it's a constant struggle to keep it and the table from becoming landing spots for giant piles of laundry. I washed the cushion covers to the loveseat and they shrunk in the dryer, so that's an old curtain panel tucked over the cushions. That basket is Mr. Man's clothes and towels to hide Mr. Man's clothes. He will change outfits a dozen times a day if he can, so usually it just goes under that giant coffee table.

The peacock chair needs something. Definitely a cushion or throw, maybe some paint. It's also where I throw winter clothes and clothes that the kids have outgrown; the latter get donated to the school or Goodwill. I also have to work hard to keep Mr. Man out of those, so I'm thinking the top of the armoire might be a better place for them. Say hi to the pouty baby at the bottom of the picture!

There you have it. Obviously we have a lot of work to do--pretty much everything, in fact. Paint, flooring, lighting, curtains, bedding and all the other stuff I mentioned earlier. Maybe in two or three years I'll have enough finished to do an update post.


  1. And here I thought laundry piles were supposed to go on the bed....and then moved on the floor when you need to sleep....and then moved back....


    My kiddos have switched around rooms so many times and EVERY TIME all the stuff that gets unearthed during the move is overwhelming. Kudos.

  2. I think the room switch is a great idea.