Monday, June 25, 2012

A Father's Day post, slightly late

I realized Thursday night that I am definitely in summer mode. I asked B to empty a full trashcan and he said "Yeah, I need to get all the trash out since tomorrow's trash day." I argued with him that it was not; it was only Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday at the latest. But since he's the one going to work every day I had a sneaking suspicion he was right, and my computer confirmed it. I guess that's the really long way of saying I meant to post this a week ago and didn't. Actually, when I realized Thursday that I hadn't blogged all week I meant to post it Friday or Saturday, but...I didn't.

We don't do much for Father's Day or Mother's Day. For instance, my mother's day present was fried chicken (yum, food is a great gift) and time alone. B got a funny figurine (a buffalo that I call Teddy Jr. Jr., for those of you that watch Conan) and he will eventually get a picture of the kids when I remember to take the memory card to Wal-Mart. I saw an ad for a car show at the zoo on Father's Day, though, and thought it would be the type of thing B would love. Off we went.

The boys each got a sucker at the entrance. I'll be embarrassingly honest and admit that I wondered for about a minute why they were handing out Daalek suckers before realizing they were cars. And they don't even look like Daaleks, so I'm not sure where the thought came from.

Now for the cars. Well, car.

Two things: I shouldn't have let B leave the house in that outfit and I should have double checked that Yaya combed his hair with an actual comb.

I asked him if he wanted a picture next to the old Corvettes too and he said no. I don't think B approves of Yaya's taste in cars. This is the only one we took a picture of, mostly because all the rest of them had the owners sitting and staring at everyone that walked by so picture taking was slightly uncomfortable. There weren't many cars, plus some of the few that were there were just cars from a dealership. I was also surprised at the number of old cars that had a bunch of random crap in them. You'd think if you were taking your restored classic car somewhere for people to look at you'd take the old newspapers out of it, but I guess not everyone feels the way I do. Basically the car show element of this zoo trip wasn't great, but we got more pictures of the boys sitting on metal animal sculptures and they opened a new archaeology-themed exhibit for the kids.

I must have waited too long to take this picture since Mr. Man is already leaving.

That's better.

Mr. Man's favorite part of the zoo.

Look who was awake (for a while) this time!

This peacock was hanging out on the merry-go-round rail, as you do.

Another one of Yaya riding a metal animal. And by the way, I have not taken pictures of them on nearly all of the animals the zoo has. I think that my next zoo post will be exclusively of my kids sitting on animal statues.

The new archaeology exhibit. That's not sand, it's tiny rubber pellets, for lack of a better word. I have no idea what they were digging up.

And to finish things up, here's a baby closeup.

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