Thursday, June 28, 2012

How many more room switches can there be?

Seriously. How many more rooms can we switch around in this house? Kitchen to living room? Living room to bedroom? It's like House Tetris or something. I will say that this is the last room change that is currently planned. Beyond that, I make no promises.

When we switched rooms with Yaya, we put some of the toys in his room. (Some were packed up for our no-longer-happening move, and while I want to get them unpacked there's not a lot of room up there.) The kids didn't really play in there--for one, Yaya doesn't like having Mr. Man in his room, and second, it's like it doesn't really occur to them that their toys are in there. One day when I was trying to think of how to best use the space in the laundry room I (once again) came up with the idea of moving some rooms around. This time the sewing room would move into the laundry area and the toy room would go where the sewing room was. Here's a reminder of what the sewing room looks like.

Thanks, B, for "cleaning" and shoving a bunch of crap into my space. Note that it's never his space that gets messed up. Happens everywhere we live. Anyway, here's the laundry area, which is also tool storage and a sort of work room.

See all the crap on the door that I'm trying (and failing) to get painted? Yeah, I went through all that stuff a few months ago and had it arranged on the shelves. Whenever B gets anything out, though, it all gets left wherever he happens to put it down. There are definite drawbacks to being married to someone who was never taught how to clean or what clean was when he was growing up.

There are downsides to this plan, of course. B has his office/man cave next to the sewing room, and there are things he doesn't want the kids messing with because they can and will get broken. Plus, as you can see, the rooms are slightly less than finished. I'm going to do what I can to change that, as long as it's within my tiny budget and doesn't require a permit. The permit thing rules out finishing the basement right now, although we want to do that at some point down the road. Right now my plan for the toy room is to drywall the wall that's already got studs on it, texture and paint the cement walls, and find a vinyl flooring remnant to put on the floor. I'd like to paint the ceiling, or at least the spaces between the floor joists. I'd also like to replace the single bulb fixture with a decent light fixture and put the wires in conduit, run them through the joists, or both.

For the sewing area it'll be pretty much the same--drywall, texturing, paint and maybe vinyl. It's a bigger area so finding a remnant won't be as easy.

As for the time frame, who knows? The sooner the better, but time when there aren't chores to be done or a child isn't demanding my attention is very limited. My absolute latest date for the toy room is September, since we'll need it for the boys' birthday party, but the sewing room could--and probably will--wait until next year. Of course, by then I might have decided to make that area something else.

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  1. Ha! I think I married your husband's twin, because his workshop looks just like that!