Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I love garage sales

It's no secret that I'm cheap and impatient. The first comes in handy a lot; the second is pretty much the opposite. But sometimes it pays off.

Lately Baby Girl has been insisting that she is a Big Girl and therefore needs to sit up all the time. So I decided that it was time for an exersaucer/bouncer/whatever you want to call it. I didn't want a walker, though--we have stairs right off the living room and a walker just seemed to be asking for trouble.

So our first stop was Target. They had a few, but the cheapest one was $40 and the rest were in the $90 range. Now, there are some baby things that I will not buy secondhand, like a crib or carseat. A bouncer, however, I will totally buy used.

I looked on Craigslist and found a few for $20ish, but I hate dealing with setting up meeting times and driving half an hour each way (because you know none of them were being sold in my neighborhood). I found a garage sale that listed an exersaucer among their stuff, so decided to go down Saturday morning.

Saturday morning I double checked Craigslist's garage sale listings and found another exersaucer listed at the opposite side of town. On the spur of the moment I decided to go there first and I'm so glad I did.

First up, the exersaucer.

Ignore the still unfinished floor. Undercutting door frames sucks. Anyway, this was $10--much better than $90. I did cut off the two soft toys that were on there (they were on the two circles on top of the orange piece on the left). I have no idea how you were supposed to be able to clean them, but they were crusty so they were gone. This is after some significant time with Q-tips, toothpicks, bleach water, Magic Eraser and finally plain hot water. Oh, and it did come with the seat, but it was in the washer when I took this picture. It will probably need to be washed pretty often for a while--Baby Girl loves to chew on it.

Next, probably the best deal of the day--a Bumbo for $3.

Good thing I wiped it down before I put her in it. She pronounces it good for teething babies. I would say it's probably not so good for the Bumbo if the baby already has teeth, though. These retail for $40, so when I saw it for $3 I tried not to embarrass myself by running over and snatching it up. B is jealous of this seat. I'm not entirely sure why, since he theoretically has full control of all his muscles and shouldn't need help sitting up. But whatever floats his boat.

I also got two teething rattles for 50 and 75 cents and ten comic books for Yaya for 10 cents each. I could have bought more, but I think his room is reaching its book capacity. That doesn't mean we'll be getting rid of any, though; it means I need to find another place to stick a bookcase.

In other news, Baby Girl is four months old today. Yay for my pouty baby! As I said, she's teething now--she's been teething for a while--but no actual teeth are in sight. She usually sleeps through the night (midnight to whenever one of the boys shows up in our room and wakes her up), although for the last few days she's been waking up around 4:30 to eat. She naps best when she's being held, which I'm trying to change so she naps best when she's in her crib. So far she's having none of that. Four month pictures are coming soon, if she will hold still long enough.

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  1. I used to love garage sales too- I don't find many of them here unfortunately....

    So sorry about the loss of your sweet Bailey. I know how hard that is. For me, I have found that the only thing that begins to heal that broken part of your heart is to love another dog. I wish you that healing and love when you are ready.
    all my best,