Monday, July 23, 2012

Basement dwelling

Get ready for an in progress shot with no after in sight. Of course, if you've ever read this blog before you're probably used to that.

B got the first forty pound bag of cement patch on the wall.

As you can see, it covered roughly half of the crack, so we'll need more. Luckily it's only about $11 a bag, plus I think $4ish for the additive.

I also spent some time in the sewing room. Honestly, I'm almost embarrassed to show this photo and call it an improvement.

I wish I had taken a picture when we had just moved everything over and you could barely walk around. It actually is an improvement from that. Here's a reminder of the before.

And here's the old sewing room right before the move, complete with all the stuff B shoved in there instead of putting it away.

One of the desks and the armoire went to the garage, to be listed on Craigslist at some point in the future. The island and the black door are out there with their fates undecided. As you can see from the current sewing room picture, we also bought a dresser at my favorite thrift store.

I love it. Storage was sorely lacking in here before, and it still kind of is. When we finally get our bedroom closet built we'll lose about half of those wooden shelves on the left, too. I think a dresser is a good idea for all the little bits and pieces you accumulate while sewing, though. If I'm really lucky, one drawer will perfectly fit four or five rows of patterns. We'll see. Like the entire room, it's usable now but definitely needs some work. Doing much more to the dresser or this room won't be high on the to do list until mid-August when the kids go back to school. I have my doubts about it happening even then, though, because the boys' birthday party is in mid-September and there are a lot of other house projects we need to finish between now and then.

I definitely need to start sewing from my fabric stash. It somehow grew bigger when I moved it from one room to the other. And that blue tub to the left in the picture of the whole room is about half full of fabric, too. And there are a few tubs and bags of it around. I may have a problem.

The treadmill area.

I can't wait for drywall. The area around Baby Girl isn't as bad as it looks, I promise.


The Christmas tree and house repair stuff the previous owners left were moved to the garage. You can't tell, but I got rid of five gallons and three quarts of paint. Well, I still have to take them to the recycling center. But they're not on the shelves anymore. And I said earlier that half of these would be gone when we build our closet, but looking at this picture it looks more like two-thirds to three-fourths. I'll make it work.

Paint is coming for pretty much every surface in here, but like I say, I don't know when. After the birthday party there are Halloween costumes to sew, and after that there are Christmas presents to make, and after that is Baby Girl's birthday party, which I am not emotionally ready for. But anyway. I'll cram in a week (or three, knowing how fast I work) for sewing room renovations somewhere in there. Probably.

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