Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crack house

Because I am this type of super fun person, I decided to walk around and take pictures of all the cracked walls in our house. At least, the ones that I know of, and I did find at least one new one while doing this.

I assume these are all related to the basement. Perhaps while the crappy patch was in there before it was enough support, but when the patch was removed so was the support, so the cracks started getting bigger. I can attest that one of these is both new and has gotten bigger since I noticed it, so I hope my theory's right. I hope it's right because in my mind, the alternative is that it's wrong to the tune of several thousands of dollars in foundation rebuilding.

So anyway. Get ready for the greatest photo tour ever.

We start in the living room, right where the hall begins. You can see that this has been patched before, and not well. And now it needs it again.

There's another patch further down the hall.

I don't see a crack on there yet, but the fact that there are cracks coming back everywhere else and that there's another crappy patch there tells me the crack will probably appear soon.

Doorway cracks outside of Baby Girl's room and inside Yaya's room.

This, I think, is a new one. I don't recall noticing it before, at least, and I do know that it's getting bigger.

Maybe I'll wait until it runs into the corner to fix it.

And this is another one that I'm fairly sure is new. All of our cupboards are horribly out of square; one door over by the sink had to have its bottom hinge moved over about an eighth of an inch.

Like I said earlier, I assume most of these are related to the foundation patch. Google also tells me that most, if not all, of these cracks are settlement cracks (I would have thought a forty-four-year-old house would be settled, but what do I know) and our area is going through a drought, so I'm not freaking out too much yet. Yet.

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