Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Foundation fun

Homeownership is awesome, you guys. In addition to being able to paint rooms whatever color you want, you get to pay lots of money when big stuff breaks. The problem with that at our house is that we don't have lots of money. So either stuff has to stay broken or we have to do our best to fix it ourselves.

The foundation wall in the basement has been crappily patched since we've lived here, so we knew that there was something going on back there. It wasn't until the aforementioned crappy patch started falling off that we found out exactly what that was.

Yeah. When the patch is gone the hole is...large. Here's a mallet for scale.

B can fit his whole hand in there. The crack goes to the rebar embedded in the wall and then back even more. I don't think it was ever patched correctly; I think cement was just squished over the hole until it looked relatively flat. Also used to try and patch the crack: Gorilla Glue and caulk. I'm just surprised we didn't find any duct tape in there.

All the cement that can be removed is gone now. B spent an hour or so tonight scrubbing it with a wire brush, and tomorrow he's going to get the air compressor from my parents' house to blow out any loose stuff. I need to read the directions on the vinyl cement patch we got, but I think we need to get the wall wet and let it dry slowly for a while, then put the patch on. I also read that we should cover the patch with plastic and spray it (under the plastic) with water once a day for five days. Whether or not I do that depends on what the package says. We got an additive that's supposed to help with shrinkage and strength, so hopefully that and the vinyl cement patch will do the trick. I'm lazy, so I'd like to only have to do this once. I'd also like to not have the house cave in. If we could accomplish both of those things, I would be a happy(ish) camper.

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  1. Good luck! I don't think I could tackle that one on my own!