Thursday, July 5, 2012

The great eye color debate

Shortly after Baby Girl was born, I began poring over pictures of her brothers when they were babies. I wanted the answer to a burning question: when would we know her eye color? B has brown eyes and I have green eyes. Both boys have brown eyes and I would like someone else on my team over here. Genetically speaking, brown eyes have the overwhelming odds. I did one of those online quizzes and it was something like 66% odds of brown eyes, 23% odds of green eyes and 10% odds of blue eyes. B and I each have one blue-eyed parent, then my mom has green eyes and his dad has brown eyes. Blue is the predominant eye color among our siblings, I think. It is among mine but I can never remember the ratios among his. It's 50/50, at least.

I know all babies are different. I've read that some kids' eyes don't change color until they're two. But both of the boys were well on their way to brown eyes by five months.

Yaya is six months here.

And here is Mr. Man six and a half months.

You can kind of see his half-blue eye here. It's all brown now, but for a while it was half and half.

And here is Baby Girl about a week ago, at four and a half months.

There's a tiny bit of family resemblance, no? She's a bit younger than them, but there has been no movement on eye color. Both boys were very obviously going to be brown-eyed at her age, although they hadn't quite gotten there yet. But her eyes are showing no sign of heading toward brown or green. If anything, they've gotten bluer. So for now I guess we get to keep waiting. The way things go with her we probably won't find out for another year and a half.


  1. I was having the same discussion with my sister and sister in law about their kids just the other day. My nephew is def blue eyed, but the jury is still out on my niece.

  2. its like a guessing game isnt it. my guy had blue grey eyes for the first year or so and we were so excited, we both have brown eyes and blue runs in my mother in laws side. Then all of a sudden they turned like a brown hazel. Every so often depending on his mood and what he's wearing my son looks like he has green eyes, which runs on my side of the family.