Monday, July 2, 2012

Lazy days

Summer is kind of a mixed bag for me. I mean, I love having my kids around and I love not having to deal with school pick up and drop off, but there are also several hours more each day of screaming, fighting, crying, mess-making and whining. You'd think I could just let them out into the yard to work it off, but we don't go outside much, for two reasons. One: it is super hot. Anything over 85 and I'm out, and the kids aren't thrilled about it either. It's 98 right now so that's a big fat no on playing in the yard. Plus it's so humid that it's like walking around in a sauna.

The other reason is wasps. I cannot stand wasps. Neither the kids nor I have ever been stung by one, so for all I know we're all deathly allergic. Every single year they build a nest somewhere, and it's always close to the front door. Last year it was up under the eaves, which was easy enough to get rid of. This year we've seen them crawling up under the siding and up into the garage roof soffit. I think there's one in the backyard, too; it was decent enough to go outside a few days ago, but we were chased inside when a wasp started dive bombing our heads after about fifteen minutes. We need to spray wasp killer around, then spray foam and caulk, but the wasp killer and spray foam have mysteriously disappeared. Of course they are not where they belong; why would anyone do a stupid thing like put them there?

So most summer days we're just in the house playing or doing whatever. We color and do craft projects and all that fun stuff (next up: Borax snowflakes), but today is a lazy day, at least for the boys.

This morning Mr. Man hung out in our room while I folded laundry and ironed.

Baby Girl did too, except she was not nearly as happy about it.

Yaya was upstairs watching Looney Tunes.

Not much is different now, seven hours later. We've eaten and read and painted and eaten and cleaned and talked about games and eaten, but while I write this post (and after, when I make dinner so we can eat yet again) they'll probably be in the living room playing games. Compared to the usual physical punishment they try to inflict on each other, I think I'll allow an hour or two of cartoons and games.

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