Friday, July 20, 2012

Working for the weekend

I've started so many sentences with "this weekend I want to" or "this weekend we need to" that I think we actually need four weekends to get everything done. Luckily I don't remember half of it.

I do want to find a high chair for Baby Girl this weekend. It's getting close to Big Girl Food Time, which I know she will enjoy since she's been trying to steal our food for a month and a half.

Here she's trying to get the flowers off the curtains. She just wants to take everything.

B got the first layer of cement patch on one section of the basement wall last night. He only mixed up ten pounds of it because we weren't sure how much we'd need. We'll definitely need at least twenty more. It was kind of a pain getting the cement to stay in the big gaping hole, but it's got a good foundation layer now. I'm going to make him do the second layer tonight, then maybe this weekend we can work on finishing that up and making it into the new toy room. Total completion is probably at least a month away, though I want it done before the boys' birthday party in September.

So what are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun? Are you somewhere where it won't be 100 degrees outside and you can actually go enjoy the summer?

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