Thursday, August 9, 2012

Could it be...progress?

Every once in a while something miraculous happens and things actually get done around here. It's a rare thing, especially during the summer. But somehow B and I are getting stuff done in the basement.

We are having company next weekend, the kind of company that includes children, so we decided to start with the toy room. Here's our cleaned out before:

Two days later we have drywall.

It shouldn't take two days for such a small area (I'm sure a pro could get it done in an hour or less) but we usually only have a few hours in the evening and this was the first time either of us had hung drywall. And we had no drywall saw. I would just like it noted for the record that it was not our incompetence that caused the gaps on that bottom corner piece. If I hadn't been rushing to get it done before Baby Girl woke up from her nap it probably would have been better, but most of that is due to the bottom half of the cement wall moving. You can also tell that the studs weren't 16 on center because of the sistered studs at the entrance to the room. Oh, and the wall was not plumb/straight, so it's a really (really really) good thing that we're texturing it.

Another reason it took two days is that drywall wasn't all we were doing. Remember this?

That's patched and the texturing (at least in the toy room) has started. It's kind of a pain, and I'll try and remember to take some pictures tonight while B finishes up. B thinks we'll never finish, but after the walls are textured all that's left is painting and flooring, and hopefully we'll have time to do more with organizing the toys than just dumping them in the center of the floor. I had originally hoped to do the other half of the big room, but that might be a little ambitious. Maybe we'll surprise ourselves.

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  1. That looks awfully good for your first sheetrock job!!
    Why is it that nothing motivates you like having company? My house is never cleaner than when people are coming over… but I get so crazy about it that by the time they actually get here I am exhausted and hope they leave soon…