Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Creeping Crud

It's our first illness of the school year! My kids don't waste any time, do they?

I'm taking Yaya to the doctor today, and I don't know that I can necessarily blame his illness on school because it seems sinus infection-y to me. He and I both have terrible sinuses, as far as a cavity in your skull can be terrible. Maybe poorly formed would be a better descriptor. I am not a doctor, though, and the last time he was sick he had strep throat with none of the usual symptoms. Kids, am I right?

So he gets taken out of school at 10:30 today and I'm not sure if I'll take him back or not. His appointment is at 11:10 and, while our doctor is fantastic, he's always running behind (probably because he's allotted ten minutes for an appointment and that is not nearly enough) and I expect that by lunchtime they'll be pretty far in the weeds. I'm kind of lazy and feel like taking him back to school for two hours isn't necessarily the best use of anyone's time since it's across town and the round trip itself will take the better part of an hour, but I will take him back if he's annoying me. (He's already tried to blackmail me this morning--good behavior for unlimited Kindle use. Now he's grounded from the Kindle. HA BACKFIRE.) My priorities, they are straight.

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