Friday, August 31, 2012

Greatest thrift store find ever? Ok, maybe just this year

Last weekend we went thrifting. We were supposed to be looking for stuff for B's Halloween costume, which we found, but we also found lots of other crap. I mean treasures. Some of it--like accessories for the boys' upcoming birthday party--was totally necessary. Some of it--like the baby toys, adorable little jackets and gingham shirt I got for Baby Girl--were less necessary but still reasonable. And some of it was me fulfilling a childhood dream.

I don't know about you, but I looooved dolls when I was a little girl. (Confession: still do, although it's mostly dollhouse-related now.) I ordered the American Girl catalog and scrutinized every item. When they stopped sending it because I never ordered anything, I would request it again. I never had an American Girl doll because they were (and are) so expensive. It wasn't even that my parents said no, it was that I didn't dare ask because it was $100 for a doll, an outfit and a book. But still, I loved the idea of them, with their individual stories and their tiny furniture and wealth of accessories. So you can imagine my reaction when I saw these.

It's Samantha and (naked) Molly! Dreams do come true! As you can see, their accessories are woefully lacking. Samantha only has her dress and Molly has nothing. Poor girl. They were both also dirty, with Molly being in worse shape, but I spent a little time scrubbing their vinyl parts and they're both much cleaner. Molly still has her ink stains, though; I need to get something tougher for that.

$2.95 each! I may have kept my hand on them the entire time we walked around the store. Ahem. Both are stamped with Pleasant Company on the back of the neck, which, if the internet is right, means they're pre-Mattel buyout/pre-1998.

For now I have no real plans on what to do with them other than clean them up and buy Molly some clothes. Probably not official American Girl unless I find them at a garage sale or something. B thinks we should sell at least one of them because, from what I see on Craigslist, they do hold their value pretty well. But...MINE. I WANT. I KEEP. I think they should become Baby Girl's when she's older, although he thinks one is enough. I told him dolls need friends, duh. Also, I understand now why they're so expensive. These are easily the most well-made dolls I've ever owned. I need to buy them a special hairbrush, apparently, so once that's done I'll deal with those terribly unflattering hairstyles. In the meantime I'll keep my fingers crossed that some appropriate clothes magically fall into my lap.

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