Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Holiday weekends throw me off

Today simultaneously feels like Tuesday and Thursday--both earlier and later in the week than it actually is. Yesterday felt like Monday so I slacked off blogging, and then here we are today and it's really Wednesday so oops.

We're preparing for the boys' birthday party next Saturday and frankly, at this point I just want to bribe them with a Happy Meal and sleep for a week. Trying to take the projects you've procrastinated and finish them all at once is not that awesome. The new living room floor is getting closer to completion every day, and once that's laid I have to caulk and touch up the trim (which I did end up taking down, even though I said I wouldn't). I've already touched up the kitchen paint, but now I need to touch up the living room paint. Tomorrow will be painting the entryway again, and the day after that I'll work on the stairs. Somewhere in there I have to make approximately fifteen labor-intensive party favors. Oh, and did I mention that the file where I keep all the birthday party info--including menus, guest lists, favor ideas and ideas for next year's party--somehow corrupted itself and I had to start over? That was fun.

I will get it all done somehow. And if I don't, well, I'm glad that we're only inviting family and close friends this year.

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  1. i hear ya! let me tell ya its so nice that tomorrow is friday and i only had a short work week, but dang it totally throws me off!