Monday, October 15, 2012


Lately, and by lately I mean at least the past three years, we've been having trouble with Yaya. He's been headstrong since birth, but this is a different kind of headstrong. This is "make Mommy tear her hair out and start drinking" headstrong. I mentioned way back in 2009 and 2010 that his kindergarten teacher thought he had ADHD, but the school psychologist was the only medical professional that thought he clearly needed medication ASAP. Our pediatrician wasn't willing to put a five-year-old on medication without being sure that it was an issue that needed it. I was never convinced that it was not the fact that he was in a new, unfamiliar situation that was making him act out, although it was (and is) very easy for me to understand how someone could think he had ADHD.

So on we went. And I almost forgot about all that. Recently, though, his behavior has gotten worse and worse until he's spending months--and I do mean months--grounded, talking back alllll the time, arguing when he's not talking back, screaming when he's told to do something, deliberately annoying Mr. Man, on and on. Mr. Man is, far and away, the better behaved child. Unless he's hungry; then you better watch out.


I was complaining about it to a friend online when she said "this sounds a lot like ADHD" and linked an evaluation form. It had one for me to fill out and one for his teacher to fill out. We filled out our forms and off to the doctor Yaya and I went.

This time, with the eval sheets, and probably with the September well child physical where I had to spend the entire time telling Yaya to calm down, stop, cooperate, etc. fresh in his mind, his pediatrician was ready to talk meds. We did not leave with a prescription, though.

Stimulant medications scare me. I've seen parents talk about how the meds made their kids worse, or how they turned into "little zombies." I've seen commercials touting diverse and frightening side effects, up to and including death. Yes, I understand it's rare, but if we can improve his behavior through therapy and some of the "natural" remedies like special-blend multivitamins, that's the route I'd rather take. The majority of me knows that this is the route I personally have to take, but part of me thinks I might as well just get the meds now because that's where we're going to end up. I have high hopes for therapy, and the attention-enhancing meds we've ordered for him have really good reviews and claim to be clinically proven, but I know all this will take time. I just hope we see some improvement. Any improvement at all. Otherwise I'll have to return to clinging to the hope that he'll somehow grow up to be a decent human being, despite his current attitude.

In the meantime, maybe I'll have to start waking him up at 5 AM and sending him out to run laps and dig holes so he has half a chance of behaving in school.

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  1. I've been there. It is a lonely path that you must walk alone. Good luck.