Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hooray for thrift store clothes

We are a single income family, and although we live comfortably we definitely have a budget. I'm cheap extra-frugal, so I look for any way I can to squeeze extra pennies out of each dollar. Until recently, most of the kids' clothes shopping was done at consignment stores (with the occasional new purchase, plus I don't buy socks or underwear secondhand), but I happened to look through the racks at one of my favorite thrift stores and I was converted.

Yaya was sick this weekend, so this was a solo trip, which is really the best way to do it if you're looking for stuff like clothes or anything else that's going to take a good chunk of time. This lot is from three different stores, which is also easier to do alone. If your kids are like mine they're whining to go home before we've even left the first store.

Yaya and Baby Girl were the only two that got clothes this time; nothing in Mr. Man's size presented itself, so hopefully he'll have better luck next time.

First, Yaya's haul.

This was $14.70. Three pairs of jeans (one Faded Glory, two Arizona), pajama pants, long-sleeved shirt and Gap dress shirt. At the consignment store I usually go to the Arizona jeans alone would have each been $7-$10, so definitely a good deal. I don't really like spending a ton of money on Yaya's clothes because he just destroys them all. If there is some sort of permanently-staining material or some edge to tear clothing on, he will find it. Bonus points if he succeeds in finding those things the first time he wears the item of clothing.

Now for Baby Girl.

If you couldn't tell, I took these pictures at night. The color is a bit off for both (note the floor looking completely different) but Yaya's is more accurate. Anyway, this was $14.22. Three sweaters, an adorable rain coat, two pairs of footed pants, one pair of tights, four pairs of regular pants, one pair of shorts, and a top that will probably be for next summer. I love buying clothes for Baby Girl; her wardrobe is what mine is not. The cheapest thing here was twenty-eight cents; the most expensive was $2.98. I actually went shopping for sleepers for her, but of course there were none in her size.

Not pictured: the twenty-one children's books I bought, some for the boys, some for Baby Girl. I gave away my Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High and Baby-Sitter's Club book collections when I thought we weren't having more kids, so now that she's seven months old it's high time I started building things back up. Now I have to buy Baby Girl a bookcase, but I think every bedroom should have a bookcase, anyway. Guess I better go back to the thrift store.


  1. Thrift stores are really a good idea to pass on your old clothes. It makes you a good decision maker on the other hand.

  2. yea good haul. our salvation army has 50% wednesdays and all the clothes are 50% off!