Sunday, October 21, 2012

I worried for nothing

Yaya was recently diagnosed with his first cavity. (I am not at all sure that that sentence is correct in the dental/medical terminology sense--is a cavity something you diagnose?--but I'm leaving it.) The cavity was between two teeth, I think between two molars. It was treated as no big deal at the dentist and an appointment to fix it was made for this past Friday. It was a big deal to me, though.

I tried to gently prepare him for the fact that it might hurt without actually suggesting that it might hurt. The thing is, though, I've never had a cavity. I don't know if it hurts or not. I mean, I'm fairly certain that having the cavity hurts because of the exposed nerves and all, but I don't know about the drilling and filling bit. I've heard it can smell bad and there might be smoke, which sounds disconcerting, but I don't know if an eight-year-old would agree with that, and I also don't know how that relates to pain. But he's my baby boy (as is Mr. Man) and I don't want him to experience any pain.

Turns out I needn't have worried. I kept him home from school Friday because his appointment was at 10:45 and school doesn't start until 9, but the dentist is far from both our house and Yaya's school, so I would have had to leave home to get Yaya at 9:45 and it just didn't seem worth it. I would also let him stay home because of course he would need copious amounts of recovery time, plus his school counts you absent for the day once you've been gone an hour and a half so what's the point in going back anyway.

We went to the dentist and I settled down to wait with Baby Girl (who had, thankfully since she is both teething and sick, fallen into a nice deep sleep on the way over). She woke up in a pretty good mood after about half an hour, but I figured I still had a bit of a wait so I took her to play with the toys in the office. Not five minutes later, Yaya appeared with a sticker announcing that he was both a member of his dentist's awesome patient club and that he had a sleeping tooth.

Ever the sensitive mother, I asked Yaya how he felt and left it at "OK." We went home and I let him play video games for way longer than I ever would have otherwise, although I did deny him soda. (Not that he gets it regularly anyway, but he seems to think it's his duty to at least try and get a glass a dozen times a day. But really, I am not that soft a touch that I would give him a can of soda the same day he got a cavity filled, even if it was diet.)

Later, when B got home, he so very callously asked Yaya how getting a cavity fixed felt. "Great!" he replied. "I want to do it again, as soon as possible!" He deflated slightly when I pointed out that that was probably a result of the drugs they gave him, thank you D.A.R.E. program. "Did they put a mask on you?" I asked.

"Only over my nose," he said.

"That was drugs. Without them, getting a cavity filled would hurt a lot."

That didn't slow him down for long, though. Whatever they gave him must have been really good. I want my Wii time back.

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