Thursday, October 4, 2012

On to the next

There are so so many projects to do here that sometimes I feel like i couldn't possibly choose one. But choosing them all isn't really an option, so I have to prioritize no matter how much I want it all done now.

This time I decided I want the studio to be on the top of the list. And yes, studio probably is a bit of an overstatement for my little basement room, but I figured it was better than sewing/storage/laundry/craft/gift wrap room. To remind you what it looks like right now, here is a picture I posted at the end of July.

It's still about like that, except (of course) messier. First order of business over there is to hang the drywall on the studded wall to the left, which will a) make it look nicer and b) get rid of the majority of the two sheets of drywall taking up space in there. Of course, to do that we need to cut down the storage shelves, since that's the future location of our bedroom closet, which will be six feet long. The whole thing is eight feet long, so for the sake of speed we should just add that extra two feet to the closet, but since it's not a walk-in closet that would be wasted space.

After that the dresser, floor and walls will be painted. It's funny how that's such a short sentence, but it will probably take me weeks to do those things. I would post some Pinterest pictures here of inspiration for the studio, or studio projects that I'm going to do, but not only have I done that before, the decorating part is so far off that planning any decor right now would be putting the cart about a hundred miles before the horse. I will get there, though. It will be 2013 (not 2014, I promise), but I will get there.

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