Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And now the furnace

And so it goes. We haven't had trouble with our plumbing for a few months now, so the house decided we needed a project and handed us the furnace.

It was allegedly new when we bought the house in 2010, but I need to check the papers to see if they meant brand new or just less than twenty years old. Knowing our previous owners, they would count that as new.

For now it looks as though we need a new blower fan. Ours, more or less, doesn't start on its own anymore. My dad jerry-rigged (or is it jury-rigged?) it so that it will work, but you usually have to manually start it by spinning the fan. Sometimes it starts on its own; most of the time it doesn't. So we have to now decide when we want to run the furnace--it can't just be left on its own because the fan motor will overheat and possibly burn itself out. This means no furnace overnight unless we get really cold. We need to order a new one, and we will. It's only $125ish, depending on the specific model and shipping. But it's supposed to get cold soon, like tomorrow (or like now; it's 25 degrees out as I write this) so we're going to baby it along until we get the new fan installed. Hopefully that will solve it, because while we can afford a $125 fix, we can't afford to buy part after part and hope that we find the one that works sooner rather than later.

For now, though, I need to go check the thermostat upstairs to make sure the children won't freeze overnight.

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