Friday, November 30, 2012

Let your light shine

Last week when I was (say it with me) at the thrift store, I saw this beautiful super heavy globe light fixture cover. For $2, it was mine mine mine. It came with an actual light fixture, which I momentarily considered keeping. I'd thought about putting two fixtures in the upstairs hall so I figured I could use it for that. However, the wiring looked suspect and when I opened it up it had a sticker saying 1955 on the inside. So I tossed it. I don't really feel like putting a whole lot of effort into this house right now anyway.

Also, sorry for the light on pics. There's about zero natural light in this hall, plus I took these pictures after it was dark, which isn't hard since it gets dark at 4:30 now.

Before. I forgot to take this before I changed the fixture, so I had to put the old one back up. Oops. It's just a $5 jelly jar cover. Bleh.

And the after.

Love. It. Too bad it's a little hard to see the details, but you can tell that it's more intricate than the old one. It's not a huge thing, and I don't think B ever would have noticed if I hadn't told him, but it's just so much more...intentional. That jelly jar fixture said "cheapest thing we could find at Home Depot." This either says "original to the house" or "a pretty choice someone made." To me, anyway.

Made any quick and easy fixes lately? Was it high impact or just something you'll notice and be happy about?

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