Friday, November 2, 2012

Thrift scores of the week

Yesterday I took a very rare weekday alone (except for Baby Girl) trip to my favorite thrift store. It was so nice to be able to just look without worrying about kids getting into stuff or wandering off.

I took a few pictures of the best things I found there. There was a lot of nice stuff, but these were my favorites, and all super cheap. These are cell phone pictures, so not fantastic.

I really wish I had a place for these chairs. I think our dining room table would be too high for them. Reupholstered, with the brass polished, they would be gorgeous. $40 for the set of four.

I bought this bar cart. $5. The console table to the left was, I think, $7. The little end table that you can barely see on the right of the picture was $2 and there were three there, but I couldn't think of any place I could use them, plus they seemed really short. The bench they're sitting on didn't have a price.

I love this couch. It's a really pale pink, with a peacock print. If I had the room in my studio I would have bought it to go in there. $50.

This one's older, but I never posted it. This is what B and I called "the demon doll," which we found at our second-favorite thrift store (best for clothes, but not for household stuff) back in October. I believe it was $15. The next time we went in this lovely red-eyed lady was gone, so apparently someone loved it enough to take it home. Hopefully blood is not coming out of their walls right now.

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