Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trim! That! Tree!

Around here, the day after Thanksgiving equals Christmas tree time. Yaaaay! I love Christmas tree time. Mr. Man helped with the assembly a little bit.

As the baby, Baby Girl was supposed to put on the star. She tried to eat it first.

Once she was informed that wasn't allowed she was a lot less into it.

She recovered, though.

All done!

I could have at least closed the TV stand, but what are you going to do? Not go take a new picture at 1:30 in the morning when the baby's finally passed out and you can go to sleep after you finish blogging, that's for sure.

This is my sad ornament garland. I'm guessing I need at least a hundred more ornaments, but I don't feel like spending that much money on it right now. I'll get what I can when they go on sale for 70% off or something.

So far we still have ornaments within Baby Girl's reach at the bottom of the tree. She likes to touch them and sometimes knocks them down, but it's not her goal. She really loves to chew on the pearl lights, which means lots of me having to watch her every second the tree is on and running over there screeching NO. I'd rather have her mess with the ornaments.

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