Thursday, December 27, 2012

Antiquing, part one

For the longest time, I've wanted to take a day with B and visit this one street in the old part of town that's lined with antique and junk stores. We used to live very close by and I'm constantly kicking myself that I didn't visit more of those places. However, that day won't be happening for a while, so until then I make do with the next best thing: the antique mall.

There used to be three antique malls nearby, but one closed so now there are only two. The owner of the other one is a jerk and most of the stuff is very overpriced, so that leaves only one. It's a good one, though.

I still haven't gotten comfortable with the idea of bringing my big Canon Rebel out in public and taking pictures of things that aren't my children, so unfortunately these are cell phone pictures. I really should have taken the camera; we went in the morning last week and were pretty much the only people there. I'll try and remember the prices for stuff, but since it was a week ago I make no promises.

This place definitely skews toward mid-century, which I love but hate at the same time since I feel like we're reaching our saturation point of mid-century furniture. B disagrees; when I said something to him about needing to change eras because our house was starting to look like the set of Mad Men (a quote I totally stole from Making It Lovely), he said "good."

Anyway, the mid-century vibe is definitely visible in these lamps. This was the first one we saw and if I knew my kids wouldn't break it, I would find a place for it. It was $129. It's hard to tell because it's on, but it was all brass.

B thought this was in delightfully poor taste. There were several booths that had stuff like this--not even close to antiques, but maybe worth picking up. This one would fit the former category but not the latter. It's a cookie jar, if the text on the box is too blurry to read.

They had some cute clothes, although you would have to be pretty small to fit most of them.

The white dress is a size 4, if I remember right. The jacket was $40, the white dress $50. I don't remember what the brown dress cost. The white and brown dresses were definitely authentic, but I didn't look that closely at the jacket. It was described as a "Victorian Ladies Jacket." It was cute, whether it was a real antique or not.

Pretty much everything was very well priced, except for this booth. This pagoda was pretty tall; I think it was close to $300.

I would love to have something like this in my sewing room, but it was ridiculously expensive. Like $400. Each of those drawers is about tall enough to fit a spool of thread, so it wasn't terribly large.

Lots of cute signage. I think the first one was from the expensive booth, but it would be cute in a kitchen.

Speaking of kitchens, I was in glassware heaven. I still want these purple glasses. I think they were $4.50 each. I didn't check to see if they were authentic, but I don't think I care. I love them.

This was $40 for the set. Love.

I really wish I had taken the good camera to show you how stunning this was. It's a lucite tortoiseshell ice bucket. There's a matching tray under it, too. Unfortunately in this picture it just looks like a yellow mess, but trust me when I say it was gorgeous.

There were several sets of vintage jade glass kitchen containers. I cannot tell you how many times B and I said "I would love to have that, but the kids would break it." This definitely falls under that category.

I've been looking for a cute salt and pepper shaker set forever, and there was no shortage of choice here. We didn't buy any because of the whole "our kids will break it" thing. (I had a cute salt and pepper shaker set once. It got broken.) We saw one that was cobalt blue glass surrounded by cut metal, it looked sort of like one of those Moroccan tin lanterns. I loved it and would have bought it (even though it was $30) but it was rusty. No picture of that one, but I got pictures of all of these.

I really wish I had taken individual pictures of that last one. If you can't tell, it's various Marvel characters fighting. I wanted Wolverine and Hulk, B wanted Captain America and Destro. (There was also Thor vs. somebody I forget.) So we got nothing. Sadface. We should have gotten both; they were either $6.50 or $11 a set.

There were a fair amount of kid toys, although I'm sure they're all full of lead blah blah blah. They're cute anyway.

Kid-sized hutch.

I want to say this was $70. All metal; I wish it still had the furniture with it.

This was I think $30. A working dancing gopher from Caddyshack. It was hilarious. B accidentally dropped it on Baby Girl's head while showing it to her because he didn't realize it wasn't connected to the box at all.

Fisher Price milk wagon. I had no idea such a thing existed.

OK, I would not have given Baby Girl this doll, but isn't her hair fantastic? It was partially rooted that way, partially styled that way. More dolls need bouffants.

And this was not exactly a toy, but how could I not take a picture of a Reborn Na'vi doll? (And yes, I had to look up how to spell that. Two sources, actually, because the first one spelled it wrong.)

I think that's enough for today. I have much more left to show you. Writing this post is making me want to go back and actually buy something this time. Come back tomorrow for the second half of our trip.


  1. was that jadite glasswear!? I would have died!

  2. was that jadite glasswear!? I would have died!