Friday, December 28, 2012

Antiquing, part two

Alright, back for more? Yesterday we left off with toys, but those weren't the only cute kid things I saw that I wanted.

You'll have to trust me on this one because my camera is so crappy, but this quilt was gorgeous. In real life the pink was much more vibrant, almost a hot pink. It was a pretty big handmade quilt, probably at least a twin size. I want to say it was either $60 or $70.

This was a toddler-sized chair. So. Freaking. Cute. I wouldn't have turned down the orange Fiesta Ware (I think that's what it is) next to it either, although maybe it's radioactive. I don't know my Fiesta Ware well enough to know which colors will set off a Geiger counter.

Baby Girl has a few ceramic swans that were her great-grandmother's (whose first name is Baby Girl's middle name) so this, of course, makes me want more swans. I probably wouldn't buy any, because I find that if you have a collection of meaningful items, adding stuff that doesn't have any personal meaning doesn't feel right. To me, anyway. Still a great black swan. I think this booth had several swans.

I'm not sure exactly what this was, but I'm always on the lookout for cute boxes to throw toys into.

This isn't exactly a toy, but I'm not sure what other category to put it in, what other purpose it would serve.

It's not really a dollhouse, I don't think, because while I didn't mess with it too much the only opening I see is the door.

It was around $250, I think.

I should have posted these yesterday, but I forgot. I have a few things that I'm always on the lookout for and kitchen scales are one of those things. My great-grandparents used to run a grocery store and had this amazing vintage produce scale. I would love to find the same one or something similar. None of these fit the bill, though.

I almost felt guilty not buying the one on the left in this picture. (I think this is the one I'm thinking about; they had a pretty decent number of scales.) It was only $6.50, but since it wasn't exactly what I wanted and it was plastic, I left it behind.

I told B as we were walking through that if I wanted a pristine late 19th/early 20th century dresser, this was where I'd go. Most of the big furniture pieces were bedroom furniture or kitchen hutches from that era, but this thing looked more like it was from a general store or something.

Since we were there shortly before Christmas, the Christmas decor was out in full force. Some of it was great, like these vintage (I assume) ornaments. They were $3.50-$4.50 each, from the tags I saw.

I thought this would be a great DIY project. It's a branch with glittery snowflakes attached to it. Or you could buy this one for $20.

We are not terribly religious but I love nativities. I don't know what the weird design on the back of the one on the right is.

Good vintage Santas.

Horrifying vintage Santa.

I think one of the places where midcentury design really shines is lamps. I wanted to take these lamps (and most of the other ones I saw) home, and B told me to get the ones I really wanted, but I don't have a place for them. The other thing most midcentury lamps are is huge, and these were no exception.

This is another picture that can't do the actual item justice. This is a Danish walnut and marble lamp. Really, I should have bought this lamp because it would be so heavy no one in my house would be able to knock it over and break it.

This lamp was the prettiest shade of blue.

I've also been looking for a giant mirror to put above the console table in my living room. I haven't found anything yet, and while there were some big mirrors here, nothing was big enough.

And now we've arrived at the random category: stuff I like but doesn't necessarily belong with anything else on the list.

I thought this would be a great gift.

Rectangular paint-by-number.

Vintage croquet set. My kids would destroy the house with this.

I do believe that we're done. I told B that that was the kind of place that I needed to visit with a list, otherwise I'd end up buying everything. I can very easily see myself becoming an antiques hoarder. I think I'm halfway down that road already anyway.

If you're shopping this weekend, I hope you find great stuff. If you're doing a project, I hope it goes smoothly. I plan to work on the bathroom this weekend (my lastest holdup: bought the wrong floor leveler) so maybe we'll finally see some progress in there. Anyway, have a great weekend!

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  1. that santa is horrifying!
    why are all the pretty things so expensive booo