Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Better, but not by much

I got an itch to do a fast project last night, so I decided to replace Yaya's curtains. I hung the pink curtains from our old living room up as a placeholder when we moved in. I wasn't happy with them--being exposed to so much direct light in the trailer (ah, that was nice--this house gets no direct sunlight) faded them pretty badly, and the hems were wildly mismatched on one window.

My plan was to switch them out with a set of simple white tab top curtains my sister had given me. Which I did, but it was not without its annoyances. Let me clarify that all of this stuff happened after she gave them to us, she didn't give them in this condition. We can't have nice things.

First of all, there are some random stains on the curtains. I don't know how or from what, but they're there. Second, three of the curtains have shrunk a quite significant amount, while the lining hasn't shrunk at all or has shrunk very little. I don't know why the fourth one didn't shrink, too.

Anyway, it's done and even if they're not perfect, I think they look better than the pink curtains. They're not permanent, either, but sometimes you just have to change something bad to something less bad, even if the less bad isn't the end product you want.


I've complained before about the paint in this room showing up in photos as purple, but you can see the real color here. I like it with the white.

So all in all an improvement, although it's not perfect. But hey, better is better than nothing.

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