Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas crafting 2012

This year has not been good for me as far as getting stuff done. I'm still working on Baby Girl's blanket that I started when I was five months pregnant. I have about five rows left to crochet, yet it's sat in its bag in the corner for ten months now. I also want to make her a hat and some clothes, and there's quilts and clothes and other stuff I've been trying to sew forever. None of it is getting done, especially now that it's time to make Christmas gifts.

I scaled back my crafty gifts plan for this year because I knew that I wouldn't feel up to doing much. I still haven't found my stride with Baby Girl's schedule and getting stuff done that's not absolutely necessary to the household. So while normally I would make reusable shopping bags for the boys' teachers, I nixed that plan this year.

I will be doing baked goods again, and the boys will give painted ornaments. I'm having a tough time deciding what to bake this year. I made buckeye bark last year and wasn't thrilled with it, but I'm considering making other barks this year.

Samoa bark:


Pretzel toffee bark:


Rocky Road bark:


I feel like I need one more bark to make it really bark-themed. Maybe a peppermint-white chocolate bark. I'm also considering the standard banana breads, cookies, etc., as well as these vanilla pudding cinnamon rolls.


They look good in this picture, but in some of the pictures I've seen they don't look so great. So I'm on the fence about that one.

I'm also making one of these for Mr. Man's teacher's daughter.

(Click the picture for the tutorial)

Yaya's teacher has a dog, so of course I need to make some of these.


I'm also thinking about doing a few smaller teacher gifts, like this stuff:



I was thinking this might be a cute class idea for the boys' holiday parties, but I don't know if I could do individual marshmallows and I don't think they sell individually packaged marshmallows.


I suppose that's enough. None of these things (cinnamon rolls, dollhouse and possibly pencils excepted) are too labor-intensive, which was definitely a factor when I chose them. But it's only December 11, so things could change in the next week until I absolutely have to make a decision. I feel like I need to make a pretzel toffee bark test batch now.

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  1. haha you sound like me with started project that dont get finished! hahaha i usually make cinnamon rolls but i'm thinking of doing some easier things this year. my hubbs just told me last night we should get started on our baking... i just looked at him and said, we? since when was this ever a we project??? hahah