Sunday, December 9, 2012

More bathroom stuff

I almost titled this "more bathroom crap" but I thought it was a little too, shall we say, punny.

Anyway, I did not get my floor done this weekend. Shocking, I know. Saturday B had friends over allll day and well into the evening, so I didn't have any time away from Baby Girl to get anything done. She got to go jeans shopping with me, where I struck out. Looks like it's sweatpants all day, every day for me.

Sunday we ran a few errands and then I spent some quality time with the paint scraper, painter's tool and spray bottle of fabric softener and water. It honestly would have been easier to replace the entire subfloor. It's done, though, but it's doubtful I'll have time to tile until next weekend. Maybe I can do some work on it Friday since B will be home. I want to do it all at once. I was going to put down the floor leveler today, but it's disappeared into the abyss that is the basement. I'm sure I have a bag, but things have been moved around so much that who knows where it is now. Easier to just buy yet another thing for this remodel.

If Baby Girl cooperates tomorrow I'll get the floor leveler down and the walls sanded. They'll need a third coat of mud, but that's all I'm doing. I don't have the tools or the skill to get a level five finish in there, so good enough is going to have to be, well, good enough.

So that's where we are. Not done, not really any closer to being done. I have Christmas presents to make; if I want to get anywhere close to done I'm going to have to focus on that during the week and save the bathroom work for the weekend. I'm glad we have two bathrooms; I pray that when we put in the new tub surround next year it goes much faster.

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