Thursday, December 6, 2012

Puny human

I had forgotten how helpful upper body strength is when remodeling. Not only the ripping stuff out, but the scraping, peeling, sanding--it's all in the biceps. I need to start lifting weights.

Here's where the bathroom is today.

I had hoped to be further along, as I always hope with every project, but Baby Girl very strongly disapproves of me putting her in her bouncer or Boppy to work, so it all has to be done in the evenings. Progress was slower, if you can believe it, but I bought a paint scraper with an actual blade so the floor is going slightly faster now that I don't have to use my painter's tool. I've been spraying it with a mix of fabric softener and water, like I would if I were stripping wallpaper, and it's helping a little bit. I'm going to adjust my expectation from "down to the bare plywood" to "all of the loose paper backing is off." Hopefully the mud or mortar or whatever I'm using to make this tile stick to the floor does the rest.

I had hoped to get the second coat of drywall mud up last night, but that didn't happen either. So. Goals for tonight: second coat of drywall mud, all the vinyl up, at least 50% of the floor scraped. Then, if that goes well, Friday I can get the primer on the wall(s) and get the leveler on the floor. Saturday we're having people over so I won't be able to do anything then, but I hope to get it all tiled on Sunday. Fingers crossed that I can stick to that; I and my blistered fingers are ready to be done.

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