Friday, December 7, 2012

Random thoughts

I am super late posting this. It's been a rough day as far as free time; somebody was a big pout today and refused to take a nap until I gave up on her taking a nap and put her in the carseat to go to the store. Then she was asleep in less than five minutes. Typical baby. Then I took a nap too.

After that, we decided to wait for the boys to get out of school to go to the grocery store and here we are, $138 poorer but all stocked up on graham crackers and cottage cheese.

Yesterday Baby Girl and I went to the zoo with Deetz and her son. It was awesome--do you know how many people are at the zoo at 10:30 on a Thursday? I didn't count but it was pretty close to none. We saw a gorilla bang on his chest and kick the glass twice. According to a passing zoo employee, he does it to get a reaction from people. Deetz's son called him a naughty gorilla. Baby Girl sucked on the seatbelt strap to her stroller.

Baby Girl could not have cared less about any of the animals at the zoo. This was her favorite part.

Ooh, a rough ledge. Wouldn't even look at the camera.

She was slightly more into the fish, mostly since she was in a stroller and therefore a captive audience.

I tried to get a picture of her standing by the penguins like we have of the boys, but Deetz hadn't gotten there at this point so I was alone and she was uncooperative.

I got a little bit more cooperation in the penguin viewing bubble, although it's so dark in there I got a shadowy face.

There are ways to fix the shadows, but I obviously did not do any of them, other than adjusting levels and color. B has a week off starting next Friday so we'll go back and get some better pictures then.

Still not much new to report on the bathroom, other than my hands are covered with cuts and I got the second coat of mud on. Also, scraping the floor is sooo boring, even with Netflix on my laptop. But it has to be done, and I swear if any of these tiles crack after they're laid I'm going to throw something. I am very much not looking forward to repeating this process in the kitchen.

What do you have planned for the weekend? Any renovation stuff? Shopping? I need to go find some jeans, but I probably won't. Have a good weekend, and hopefully Monday I will be able to post about my beautiful new bathroom floor.

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  1. awww fun! we dont have a zoo or aquarium here but we took my son for his first bday to Oahu. he LOVED the aquarium.
    Hoping to survive a garage sale tomorrow, wish me luck! and good luck getting your jeans!