Thursday, December 20, 2012


For the past few days the news has been calling for a snowstorm, which I believe they officially upgraded to a blizzard this afternoon. At first it was supposed to snow 2-5", then 5-7", then 5-8", and the last I heard it was 6-11". From my experience, it could go one of two ways: either it'll snow and the roads will be cleared in the morning and that'll be the end of it, or it'll snow for an extra long time and/or be windy and we'll be snowed in for a day or so. As long as we don't lose power we'll be fine. If we do lose power you will find me barricaded in my bedroom.

I'm putting off my baking and all that because if we actually do get that much snow it'll probably be a snow day tomorrow. Hopefully they announce early whether or not they'll be out Friday, too, because as delicious as all the stuff I'm making sounds, I don't want it all around whispering to me to eat it. I guess that's what freezers are for, although I can guarantee most of it wouldn't leave the kitchen.

Anyway, wish me luck.

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