Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012 was the year that was

At the beginning of 2012, I elected not to do a 2011 recap. This year--I'm not entirely sure why--I decided to go ahead and do one. I know February will be easy, anyway.

In January I was off bedrest (more or less) and finishing up little projects around the house that I'd been dying to get to for months.

The choice for February was obvious. We got Baby Girl as an early Valentine's Day gift, and we all agree she's much better than flowers or chocolate.

In March we got used to being a family of five, especially after B started that semester of school.

April brought us a relatively decent group picture of the kids.

We thought about buying a new house in May, but ultimately couldn't get our house ready to sell before someone else bought it.

In June we switched some rooms around yet again. This time B and I moved to the basement, to a room that has been a family room, toy room, Yaya's bedroom and now our room. I still haven't changed anything about it; it doesn't look much better than this. The table's gone, so that's an improvement.

There was a major drought in the midwest during summer 2012, and in July our foundation shifted when the ground dried out.

The boys were thrilled about going back to school in August.

Obviously I have to have two entries for September, since both Yaya and Mr. Man have birthdays in that month.

OK, three entries. We also had an awesome Harry Pottery birthday party for them.

Halloween! And a somewhat awkward family photo.

We made candy turkeys for Thanksgiving, and even though they don't look exactly like the inspiration picture, they're made of candy and cookies so are automatically great.

And finally, we celebrated Baby Girl's first Christmas.

All in all a great year, although it was depressing seeing the number of "something else on the house broke" posts as I went through all of the 2012 posts. Let's hope for fewer of those this year and more posts about me finishing projects or having awesome kids.

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