Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 House Goals

Like a lot of other people, I'm not one for resolutions. Goals, yes. To do lists, great. But I never keep resolutions, so what's the point? I usually get at least a few things on my to do lists done.

2012 was a good year for our family (Baby Girl came, so how could it not be?) but it was a terrible year for getting stuff done. So was 2011, actually, since I was on bedrest for almost half of it. But now I think we're at--or getting to--a point where I can do more stuff around the house.

I think my major goal for 2013 is to have time. I have lots of things I want to do--hobbies, activities with the kids, other random stuff I want to do for me--but it seems like I always have some big DIY project to do. I think we're down to four major projects, so I'd like to get those done as soon as possible and then relax. This is not counting the bathroom, which is, of course, giving me fits.

Project number one: repaint the living room/entry/upstairs hall.

Luckily I'm painting it the same color (I'm fighting against the urge to paint it a grayer blue), but there are places that have always needed another coat and some places that have chipped or never got painted at all (like where the shelves in the living room were hanging). This is a one day project and I want it done before Baby Girl's birthday party in February.

Project number two: replace the stair railing, trim the floor, and strip and stain the stairs. I'd also like to put new trim in the living room and hall, but that probably won't get done until later, if at all.

Project number three: the basement.

I don't think I ever updated this. Rest assured that it is now a more or less complete (except for paint) toyroom. As for the rest of the basement, there are so many things to do down here. New carpet in our room and maybe in the main area of the back basement (but probably not), rigid foam insulation and paneling on the walls, texturing above the paneling, paint, new window treatments, trim around the windows and hopefully an electric ventless fireplace/giant space heater, not to mention the ongoing sewing room project and new closet. It could probably be a full year project, so I don't know how much of that will get done.

And, lastly, a kitchen overhaul.

We're getting a new fridge soon, so I want to do cupboards around that, plus cupboards in the corner where there are none right now, new countertops, new cupboard doors, new paint, new light fixtures, new floor, new...well, I'm sure there's something else it needs to have replaced.

Maybe I'll spend this year doing all this stuff, but I'd like to think once these projects are done (and perhaps a rather large project I'm considering for the entry) that I can relax. Granted, that will certainly be 2014 at the rate I'm going, but what's another year? The outside will still need lots of work, but that can wait until we get ready to move or Baby Girl is in school. I like DIY--kind of--but I want a break from these big projects.

The closer we get to being done with the major stuff, the less I want to move. Ever. It used to be that I loved the idea of moving, of starting over and the new possibilities a house would bring. Now the thought just makes me tired.

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  1. I think you broke it down into realistic goals. Some of the projects, as you already know, are really time stripping the stairs. I understand about never wanting to move again, but I also love change and starting fresh. Good luck, and pace yourself.