Friday, January 25, 2013

A dollhouse for me

Earlier this week I wrote about Baby Girl's new (to us) Barbie house. However, I also found a dollhouse for me.

I had dollhouses as a child. My main dollhouse was one that my great-uncle built and I inherited. My other house was a kit house. I have no idea what the name of it was, but it was Victorian-style with a two-story bay window and lots of gingerbread trim, most of which never got installed. I actually threw the kit house away because I'd been building it for years (I got it when I was a kid and threw it away when I was probably 20), plus I was moving and just didn't have the room anymore. The other house was given away because of space issues, too. When the boys were little, we were living in a 600 square foot house that couldn't handle a dollhouse that size. I gave it away to a woman on Freecycle whose daughter wanted a dollhouse, so at least it went to a good home.

It's funny, for all the thrifting we do, this is the first time I can remember seeing a dollhouse.

I've always regretted getting rid of the dollhouses, but I'd put it off as a hobby I'd get back into later. However, when I saw this at the store I couldn't pass it up. It was only $6, which made it even more irresistible. This is an Artply Allison, which was popular in the '80s but isn't made anymore. It's missing a few pieces, but you know I have big plans for it. Right now it's in pieces; it wasn't put together very well, and it was put together with hot glue, which isn't the best choice for dollhouses like this one.

I've been gathering supplies and will start rebuilding in earnest after Baby Girl's party. I should start keeping a list of all the things I'm going to do after her party; I've been saying that a lot lately.

This weekend is the big push for the bathroom. I've been scraping stupid mortar, I've got my grout exchanged, my hoses purchased, etc etc. Everything (that I can think of) is ready to go. Now I just need to actually go do something.

I hope you all have a happy weekend, and that all your plans go as they should.

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  1. I wanted a dollhouse when I was a kid. Then, I said I would build my daughter one...that never happened. If I'm not too old when I am a grandmother, hopefully 20 years for now...I'll build my granddaughter one. I love that you want to gave one, again.