Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Barbie house

For some reason, I have this guilty feeling about buying Baby Girl Barbie stuff. I don't know why. I bought the boys Barbies and felt no qualms about that, but apparently the whole feminist "Barbies are bad for self-image" thing is deeply ingrained in me. And that's not even really a feminist ideal; to me, feminism is about being able to make your own choice about what you want to do and how you live your life which, I assume, includes giving your daughter Barbies.

Anyway. B had Friday off of work and wanted to look for work clothes, and since we are cheap we hit the thrift stores first. There's a few that have pretty good deals on name brands--I've found Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Banana Republic stuff for him in the past few months. He picked out his clothes while I looked at everything else. I got a few books (that I don't need), but my big find for Baby Girl was a Barbie house. Specifically the Barbie Victorian Dream House. Here she is in front of it playing with another thrift store find--B insisted on that.

She's a little young to really play with it right now, but she loves to cruise on it. Mr. Man is a big fan of the elevator, and the cat thinks it's a fantastic place to nap. You can see that its current occupants are not dolls, but a zebra and a camel. And also a My Little Pony comb? I can't tell.

We paid $15 for this, and from what I see online it retailed for a lot more, so we got a great deal. Ours is missing the bed and crib, but that's fine. A lot of the fun of playing Barbies is rearranging her furniture all the time and making her an awesome house that spills out of whatever actual Barbie house you may have and takes up the entire floor of your bedroom. At least, that's how I played with Barbie.

I have one more thrift store find that I'll write about later this week. In the meantime, I'm debating on whether or not to leave Barbie's house in the kitchen. We have a perfectly good toy room, but it's about ten degrees colder in there than the rest of the house. It's actually not in the way right now, but it also has very few accessories. I guess time will tell.

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  1. that is a great deal and she looks so happy :-)