Monday, January 21, 2013

More basement cleaning

I did lay the sink tile in the bathroom, but we did not get the sink installed. I decided I wanted to exchange the grout (I've doubted my color choice from the beginning) but I didn't want to go out and do it and B wouldn't do it for me. Not that I blame him; it was 18 degrees here Sunday. I'll be running lots of errands Tuesday (high of 28; I guess technically that's better), so I will hopefully get it done then. I also need to get the hoses.

Instead, I made a necklace (will post about that some other day), went thrifting (ditto) and cleaned the basement. Again.

I don't even know how many times I've posted about cleaning the basement. A lot. But we're always moving things around and changing spaces and blah blah blah. The reason for this latest upheaval was because of the toilet flooding into the bathroom vent, which somehow meant a bunch of disgusting water landed on the shelves that are across the room from the bathroom vent. Thankfully nothing was ruined, but the water soaked into the shelves and thoroughly disgusted me, so they had to come out. Until now, any organization that we did after they came out was haphazard at best.

Here's where I started Sunday.

I'd like to say that it looks worse than it was, but it really was that bad. The empty cardboard box at the bottom right is the only thing that wasn't there before I started.

I decided the best thing to do was to pack up most of my fabric and use that plastic shelving unit to corral some of the tools. After that was moved, things went pretty smoothly. (While that was being moved was pretty rough. Things were thrown.)

Here's what I ended with.

I know it still looks messy here. But we don't have to turn sideways to get to the washer and dryer anymore, so that's a win. Basically all of the stuff in the back is my sewing and craft stuff, which, you'll recall, is supposed to be the major component of this room. Instead it's stuffed in a corner until I can buy a lot of organization stuff. I'm thinking of getting rid of that super tall metal bookcase. It's not very deep so it's only moderately useful, but I'm already so short on storage furniture that I hate to get rid of any of it. Also, the top curtain on the window is gone now; I put up plastic and just left it down. The cat discovered the window (only took her two years; she's obviously a genius) and knocked it partially down. She's going to be thrilled with me when she realizes there's plastic over it now.

Here again, it looks messy but it's really not too bad. A lot of the stuff over at the right is paint, which I don't want to stack because I don't trust that it won't fall over. Quite a bit of it needs to go to the recycling center. I haven't actually opened the cans, but about half of the stuff that's going out seems to be original to the house, so I could probably throw it away because I'm sure it's dried out, but I won't.

Anyway, besides the tile, the necklace and some thrift scores I'll talk about later this week, this was my major accomplishment this weekend. I've spent my home improvement budget for the month (and probably for next month and maybe March, too) so I expect it to stay this way for a while. Oh, wait, B is having friends over in two weeks, so I'm sure at that point there will be a bunch of crap dumped in the middle of the floor. I guess considering how the kitchen usually looks, two weeks is a pretty good life expectancy for something I've cleaned.

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