Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More bathroom progress

These pictures are terrible. I need a wide angle lens.

Monday night I got the bathroom mostly primed. I have some brushwork left to do, but Baby Girl thought being put to sleep was more important. After my earlier troubles with the primer, I bought some foam roller covers. The results weren't perfect, but they were infinitely better. I was going to put the first coat of paint on last night, but again, it took Baby Girl two hours to accept that it was bedtime.

I had three tiles pop up after I laid them the first time. I put two back down and both have come back up again. One took a day or so and the other took a week, but they both came up. To say I'm exasperated with this stupid tile and desperately wishing I had done grouted peel and stick vinyl like I originally planned is an understatement. So I will scrape up the mortar again (this has ruined my painter's tool), put down new floor patch, put down new mortar with even more water in it, lay the tile again and pray that it takes this time. I'd like to get the tile under the sink laid so that I can put the sink in, but I need to get the wall painted first.

After today, the kids have the rest of the week off of school, and possibly next Monday (I need to check that), so that affects what I'll be able to do. My plan for today is to get the wall painted and get the tile for the sink laid. Tomorrow I will touch up the paint in the living room and kitchen, chip up the mortar and make some party decorations. I'll also grout just where the sink is going. Friday, fingers crossed, we will finally have a main floor bathroom sink again. Of course, this is all just the plan, so there's still a decent chance that we'll be trying to install the sink the night before Baby Girl's birthday party.

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