Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My favorite kind of DIY

That is: quick, easy and stolen. No brain power required.

Kit and I have the same problem: DIY ADD. We move from one project to another, preferring to start rather than to finish. Recently she reinstated the five project rule, which I've tried to do in the past but failed. She, however, had an enormous chalkboard to write down all those projects. (Click on the link for a picture; it really is awesome.)

My chalkboard isn't five feet tall, but I do have one and it's mostly unused. So I bought some chalk (we had sidewalk chalk, but it's not exactly great for writing clearly) and made my list.

My handwriting isn't normally that terrible, but all I could find at Wal-Mart was their Crazy Art (or whatever the cheaper-than-Rose Art brand name is) chalk, which is pretty crappy. It was 47 cents for a box and you can tell. So I need to get some Crayola chalk or something. Also, she keeps a running project to do list, which is how I have mine written out here, but I'm thinking I might want to do more of a daily list. I'm not sure. I could probably fill up my chalkboard backsplash with to do items, but I'm going to restrain myself and keep it to just this board.

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