Friday, January 4, 2013

Our at-home family Christmas

While we did an extended family Christmas on the 23rd, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were just us.

I had wrapped all the presents (I just almost typed "presidents" there) a few days earlier, but I left bows and tags until the last minute. After the boys went to bed, Baby Girl, DH and I watched Thor while I finished up the gifts.

I tried to be a little more creative with the gift decorations this year, although I didn't go crazy and mostly tried to keep it simple. This was the most complicated wrapping I did.

Several of the gifts had yarn pompoms. They were super easy to make and very cute, so it's a win-win. Some of the others just had simple ribbon bows like this.

And yes, that is my foot in both pictures. Here they all are under the tree. All the gift tags I used are printables available on my Pinterest boards.

Christmas morning the kids jumped right in, although Baby Girl was skeptical and mostly wanted to just eat the wrapping paper. She's our little goat.

Our Christmas decorations are mostly put away now, although I did buy more stuff at the clearance sales. I can't resist. I have more lights than I'll ever need, I think. But not too much wrapping paper. You can never have too much wrapping paper.

I hope you had a good Christmas, if you celebrate it. If you don't celebrate it, I hope December 25 was still a good day for you. What was the best gift you received? Tangible or intangible, either way.

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