Monday, January 14, 2013

To do list paralysis

This is the name of the (made up) ailment I have diagnosed myself with. It occurs when you have so much to do that you are paralyzed at the thought of starting, or paralyzed at the thought of how much you have to do to finish. It is, probably not surprisingly, closely related--maybe even identical to--procrastination.

Baby Girl's birthday party is coming up on February 16. I'm trying to make as many of the decorations as I can ahead of time, and I will be starting those this week. But there are also a few house projects I want to get done. Most of them, thankfully, are small. There's one big one, though: the bathroom. It hasn't moved much; I still need to finish the floor, paint, put in the sink and put up the trim. Tomorrow I will finally get at least some of the remaining tile cut (some is better than none) and, I hope, laid. Enough will be laid to install the sink Tuesday after B gets home, as long as I get the wall primed Monday and painted earlier in the day Tuesday.

In the living room, I need to finish patching the walls. You can see the areas that need patching behind the tree in this picture.

Everything has been patched and some areas have one coat of primer, so now I just need to make sure everything is primed and painted. If I would just do it, I could get it done in an hour (not counting drying time, of course). We also got a new light fixture for the entry, but I'm not even thinking about getting that done before the party.

I also want to take down the gallery wall, frame the old bathroom mirror and put that up. Not a huge project, but I just need to make time to do it. I'm going to take down the gallery wall and patch; even if I don't get the mirror done I have party decorations that will go there.

Next, I need to touch up the kitchen cabinet paint. Actually, I really don't need to. I want to. There's also a patch in the kitchen that is primed and ready for paint. I do want that painted.

Everything else is party decor-related. Paper flowers, pictures of her first year, stats, etc. Realistically I should do those first--well, concurrently with the bathroom--because they're more important to the party than a framed mirror or new trim.

I am fairly certain that not everything will get done. But I need to get over my to do list paralysis so I can at least get something done.


  1. I understand. Some days, it is easier to go back to bed. My suggestion is to do the ones that will bother you the most if people see them. I would guess that having guests use the bathroom might bother you more than if you have party decorations? I try to give myself a deadline per project. I rarely make it, but I always come closer than if I have one long list. Good luck.

  2. doesnt it seem like you have a ton of little extra's to do right before a party? You'll get through it... and I knew our kids were born around the same time but I didnt realize they were a day appart! Good luck getting everything done