Friday, January 11, 2013


Now that song's going to be in my head.

Lately I've been feeling pulled in two directions about color. Now, we've all seen my house and we know I'm not afraid of color, but sometimes I wish for something peaceful and pale. I love to go look at the rooms at for the love of a house; Joan is a great decorator with fantastic taste. On the other hand, I love bold color. For the longest time I planned on painting my kitchen cabinets navy blue. (The only reason I'm not now is because of the possibility we might move in the next few years.) Now I'm really drawn to the idea of painting the dining room and what little wall space there is in the kitchen a dark gray-blue.

I've also gone back and forth about a color for the wall in the master bedroom. B picked out this great blue-green color in a house we lived in years ago, and I've always loved it and wanted to put it in another room. But part of me says "no, paint it a soothing pale color. A grayish white would be nice."

The thing is, I've had white walls. And I hated them. Well, I didn't hate them. I just thought they were really boring. However, that was in the living room. I'm not unhappy with the walls in the bedroom, although everything else, textiles especially, could use a lot of help.

Anyway, here's more or less what I'm thinking in the form of inspiration pictures from Pinterest.

You'll notice that none of them are very dark at all, with just a slight majority being white and the rest being gray. I don't really have any dark bedrooms on my Bedrooms board, except for this one. Coincidentally, this is also very close to the color I was talking about earlier, the one that B picked out. His is slightly more blue.

And here are some kitchen and dining room pictures. I think I want a light airy kitchen but a cozy dining room, and since my kitchen and dining room are the same area, that's easier said than done. Of course, since it's a kitchen most of the wall space will be taken up with cabinets, especially since I plan to remove the soffits.

Ignore the upper cabinets here. I won't have open shelving; I know my house and I know things will get too dusty and greasy.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

I know this isn't a dining room, but this is close to the color I want.

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